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            In 1971, The International Federation of Football at the Halls – FIFUSA (Federação

            Internacional de Futebol de Salão – FIFUSA) was created in San Paulo (Brazil) in 1971 which

            united more than 50 national federations of all continents at that time.

            FIFUSA Presidents were:

            1971-1975 – Luis Gonzaga de Oliveira (Brasil);

            1976-1979 – Valdir Nogueira Cardoso (Brasil);

            1980-1990 – Januario D’Alessio (Brasil);

            1991 – 15.03.2003 – Antonio Alberca Garcia (España).

            Valery Akhumyan (Russia) from 08.06.2003 till present, he headed FIFUSA by power of

            attorney from the management Commission during the period from the 15.03.2003 to the


            Latin American countries have left FIFUSA after the World Cup in 2000 in Bolivia and

            they have created the World Futsal Association (Asociación Mundial de Fútsal – AMF) – AMF in


            Valery Akhumyan has become the President of the European Futsal Union (Union Europea

            de Futsal – UEFS) – UEFS at the August 2003. Heading FIFUSA and the UEFS V. Akhumyan

            contacts with former FIFUSA members from Latin America with a proposal to hold competitions

            together in order to avoid a split. As a result, European national federations began to participate in

            AMF competitions in Latin America: 2003 – Paraguay; 2007 – Argentina; 2011 – in Colombia

            using more progressive rules of the game. FIFUSA holds futsal world championships and cups in

            2005, 2007, 2017 and 2023.

            Since 2011, FIFUSA regularly held microfutsal competitions and multi games: futsal +

            microfutsal, and beach kind of microfutsal – “beach game” was included to the multi-games

            program in 2016. These three disciplines – futsal, microfutsall and beach game – were included to

            the World Games program, which was organized by the International Council of Amateur Sports

            (ICAS) – ICAS in October 2019 in China (Wenzhou).

            FIFUSA was re-registered at the Schengen area (in Latvia), supplementing the charter with

            a clause on the development of a microfutsal in 2014.

            The confrontation between the AMF and the UEFS begins in 2016, the reasons for which

            are significant differences in the management and organization of the competitive process.

            FIFUSA is supported UEFS, continuing successful cooperation with it.

            AMF President Rolando Alarcon, trying to establish his authority in Europe, initiates the

            creation of alternative national federations in some European countries and an alternative

            European federation, and in order to "legitimize" his actions, falsifies documents on the succession

            of FIFUS AMF and (secretly) registers them in Brazil. There is a serious conflict, and the final

            relationship break up between FIFUSA and AMF.

            In 2022, on the basis of internal contradictions, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil federations

            which are leading in Latin American futsal, have left AMF, having decided to organize (resume)

            FIFUSA-2 and hold competitions according to the AMF rules.

            Thus, FIFUSA (President Valery Akhumyan), FIFUSA-2 (Head Pedro Bonnettini), AMF

            (President Rolando Alarcon) and the World Futsal Federation (WFF, President Rosario Lopez) are

            currently organizing international futsal tournaments.

            Let's hope that the time will come when we will be able to unite our sports goals and

            opportunities, and all international futsal competitions will be held under the auspices of FIFUSA.

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